Welcome to JNU Caves!

dsc024101This blog is a pictorial documentation of the popular JNU caves.

I clicked about 400 photos on 7 March 2009. The Saturday Fever (aka trip to JNU caves) organised by the JNU Mountaineering Club was a lot of fun. I made this blog in some six hours for all those who were part of it and for all those who love JNU (and of course for all those who look forward to visiting the caves). πŸ˜€

Go ahead and click on the links in the sidebar (titled ‘explore the caves’) preferably in order (1 to 9) for optimised viewing.

Please note that the categories Caves I to VI do not necessarily indicate the number of caves. Also, I am only an amateur photographer and the pics are lacking in more ways than one.


All pics are highly compressed for easy uploading (which also compromises the quality). Besides, it is not advisable to put up high-resolution personal images on the internet. Because they are all pics, the pages may take some time in loading depending on your internet connection.

There are about 90 pics here. The caves are really exciting and first-timers like me were suitably surprised! Do visit the caves whenever the next trip is organised by JNUMC.

Please leave your comments on the blog (hit the comments link with each post). If you like me and this endeavour, you may visit my personal blog Emotionally Speaking.

This blog has been made with the permission of all the participants who consented to my proposal. I am thankful to them all. If any of you want to submit any article or write-up on the trip or on the caves, go ahead and submit it and it will be published here. You can also email me at blog(dot)vikas(at)gmail(dot)com

Note: jnu instead of JNU in the title of this post and elsewhere is not a typo! It is an issue with this theme which this blog is using.

All photos are copyrighted to me but anyone is free to copy, share and distribute it (provided that the photos are not abused in any way and that it is for non-commercial purposes only).

I had also posted a video here but the quality was abysmal; so I removed it on second thoughts.

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